Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to organise our conference: ‘Cold War Voices: Stories, Speech and Sound, 1945-1991’. Now that much of the organisation is complete, we can look forward to welcoming 25 speakers from around the world to Bristol to share their research in January. Over the course of two days, the papers will provide insight into the Cold War around the globe, with papers on China, Rhodesia, Romania, Hungary and the Ukraine, as well as Britain, the USA, Germany, and the Soviet Union. The papers also address really varied themes: how voices were gathered during the Cold War and since; how Cold War voices were broadcast; the rhetoric in Cold War speeches; the diplomatic utility of sport; Cold War science and morality; fear, anxiety and surveillance during the Cold War; and how the Cold War has subsequently been remembered and exhibited.

We are also delighted that on the evening of the first day of the conference, we will be hosting a public lecture titled ‘Lessons from the Cold War’, delivered by Bridget Kendall, former BBC Moscow correspondent, Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge, and author of The Cold War: A New Oral History of Life Between East and West. Members of the public interested in attending this event can book free tickets here:



For more information on our papers and panels, see our Programme 


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