To learn more about the British Army of the Rhine, Anglo-German relations or British military communities, look at the links,  exhibitions and programmes below: 

Imperial War Museums – a rich archive of material relating to the British in Germany, particularly the initial occupation 1945-1955 and a significant photographic collection.

National Army Museum, Chelsea – significant collection of objects and documents relating to the British Army in Germany. Major exhibition series 2020-1:  

AlliiertenMuseum, Berlin

The British in North Rhine-Westphalia: an exhibition in the Landtag Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf, 4th May – 2nd June 2019. The British contributed to shaping the State of North Rhine-Westphalia: They founded it, they organized it on a democratic basis and left a huge cultural footprint. From the 4th of May through to the 2nd of June the North Rhine-Westphalia State Parliament will present the British in North Rhine-Westphalia” exhibition in order to generate discussion with a wider public and encourage reflection on NRW’s joint Anglo-German history. The bilingual exhibition, curated by Dr. Bettina Blum, will display approx. 300 exhibits on 150 square meters (photos, various objects, audiovisual media, reproductions of documents). It throws a new light on the numerous and varied Anglo-German relationships, dating from 1945 through to the present day. An array of topics will be covered,ranging from the requisitioning of housing to cooperation at the workplace, the celebration of carnival and sport events, experiences of binational couples and families up to the problems of learning a new language, the military exercises and social debates concerning the relationship between the military and society. Glimpses of life in the British barracks and settlements provide an additional insight into how the soldiers and families lived in and experienced North Rhine-Westphalia. The exhibition ends with the question “What remains?” and
will incorporate the views and thoughts from the visitors. For group bookings contact: If you have questions concerning the exhibition, the tours, or any special requirements, please contact Dr. Bettina Blum:

British Forces Germany Legacy Project –

BBC Radio 4, ‘The British Germans’, 2011, prod. Chris Bowlby – – Many thousands of former soldiers who have decided to stay in Germany. In this programme Chris Bowlby goes in search of these ‘ British Germans’, and traces their relationship with Germany and Germans.

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